Fischer Connectors designs, develops and deploys end-to-end interconnect solutions for ecosystems requiring local transfer and management of data, signals and power.

1/ Could you describe your company as well as the products / solutions that you will be presenting during Milipol Qatar 2022?

Fischer Connectors is part of Conextivity Group, a global technology leader in high-performance connectivity solutions that manage power and data flows from sensors and devices to the cloud, enabling the emergence of new ecosystems. Headquartered in Switzerland, Conextivity Group employs over 500 people in four R&D centers and six manufacturing sites worldwide. It also comprises Wearin’ whose solutions are showcased on Fischer Connectors’ booth as well.

Fischer Connectors designs, develops and deploys end-to-end interconnect solutions for ecosystems requiring local transfer and management of data, signals and power. Tested to MIL-SPEC and IEC standards, RoHS and REACH compliant, our tailored electronic solutions, connectors and cable assemblies are trusted globally for their reliability in demanding application fields such as defense & security, medical, and test & measurement. The connectivity technologies for which our company is world-renowned are ruggedness (resistance to extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, corrosion, radiation), IP68 sealing and hermeticity, high-density miniaturization, and data transmission.

At Milipol, we’ll show how our new connectivity solutions contribute to addressing connected forces' need for high-speed, high-volume data transmission, improved power management and wearability. These are essential to fully exploit the digital revolution ongoing in military affairs through ubiquitous sensors, 5G networks and AI. New solutions cover the entire value chain of connectivity, i.e., miniature and ultra-rugged connectors and cable assemblies, and new electronic solutions such as switches, rugged flash drives and a tactical power & data hub for sights, radios, displays and batteries body-worn by dismounted soldiers and security officers.

As for Wearin’, it creates IoT wearable solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of connected humans such as security agents, lone workers, firefighters and first responders. It makes high-risk work environments safer and smarter with real-time, actionable insights from field data generated by agent-worn modular sensors integrated into field gears.

On Fischer Connectors’ booth at Milipol, Wearin’s experts will show how their new solution allows connected agents and units to react immediately to emergencies, while predicting and mitigating risks; to enhance their situational awareness through improved coordination and response times with real-time, two-way data flows and automatic alerts, including biometric-based alarms used to detect acute stress, for example; to ensure their mobility and comfort with easy-to-use, lightweight, integrated devices and centralized power; and to protect their sensitive data and privacy with secure, end-to-end encryption and GDPR compliance.

2/ In your opinion, what are the current trends that are providing opportunities for your company?

In defense & security, the new solutions developed with Fischer Connectors’ and Wearin’s technologies are to meet the connectivity challenge of engineers, OEMs and organizations exploiting ubiquitous sensors (environmental and biometric), high-speed data transmission and 5G networks, the artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, wearable ecosystems with cloud-based human digital twin platforms, live-streaming audio/video, situational awareness (SA) systems, plug-and-play technologies, etc. High-performance connectivity is a key design enabler in the defense & security market, whose innovations then benefit other industries.

3/ Why did you choose to participate at Milipol Qatar 2022?

Will you be presenting innovative/new products or solutions during Milipol Qatar 2022? The Middle East market is an important market for Fischer Connectors and Wearin’, and Milipol Qatar is the perfect place to further promote our new mission-critical products and solutions – not only connectors and cable assemblies, but also electronic solutions and IoT wearable solutions that are so essential to enhance the safety and efficiency of the connected forces involved in defense & security operations.

4/ Where do you intend to grow your business in the future (countries or verticals)?

Our business is a growing fast. We continue to develop our global footprint with the construction of a manufacturing site in Portugal, and to co-create, together with our customers and partners, new connectivity solutions in electronics and IoT wearable ecosystems.