Milipol Qatar is the showcase for innovative products and services in the field of global security. It is also the best gateway to the Middle East’s market to find new contacts and strengthen business relationships.
The 14th edition of Milipol Qatar has been held from 24 to 26 March 2022 in Doha.

Meet all the homeland security industry’s top players

Milipol Qatar is the ideal international meeting place for key players in the Middle East’s homeland security industry every two years.

The 2021 edition of Milipol Qatar was a great success in terms of business and attendance:

  • 7,924 visitors - buyers, opinion leaders, experts - from 63 countries and 241 Official Delegates participated in the event (See Milipol Qatar’s visitor profile).
  • The Ministry of Interior of Qatar alone generated contracts for an amount of QR 390 million (≈ €99 million).
  • 150+ companies exhibited at Milipol Qatar from 17 countries and covering all security domains (Law enforcement, Special Forces, port and airport security, transport security, industrial (oil & gas) and prison security, civil defence, data protection, etc.).

According to our 2021 exhibitors’ survey:

  • 82% of exhibitors were satisfied by Milipol Qatar 2021.
  • 87% of exhibitors were satisfied of the quality of the attendance. Milipol Qatar gives you the opportunity to develop your business in the MENA Region, meet decision-makers, prospects and clients in a same place, showcase your innovations and discover the future trends of the industry.


The Middle East homeland security market

The homeland security industry across the globe is growing faster than ever before.

The Middle East homeland security market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.7 percent, and hit USD 34 billion per year by 2020 (Frost & Sullivan). This growth is driven primarily by the economic diversification and regional mega-events (the Dubai Expo 2020 or the FIFA World Cup 2022) which boost infrastructure investments. These regional mega-events are driving infrastructure investment which must be protected.

New solutions and advanced security systems are required to face the ever-changing threats, to enhance homeland security, to minimize the possibility of disasters and to improve emergency response rates.


Business in Qatar

Qatar is a strategic crossroads between Asia and the Near East, located in the heart of the Middle East. The country is the ideal location to hold an international event dedicated to homeland security:

  • Qatar is the most secure country in the Middle East and is ranking 16th globally (Global Peace Index 2020).
  • Qatar expects a GDP of USD 155.27 billion in 2021 and benefit from a strong population growth.
  • ¾ of visitors come to Qatar for business tourism.
  • Qatar is massively investing in large infrastructure projects and industrial programmes.

Events as business accelerator

Reason 1: Tangible return on investment

  • 75% of trade show exhibitors are satisfied with their return on investment!
  • For 1€ invested, exhibiting at a trade show enables firm to generate 10€ of turnover on average

Reason 2: A proven media format

  • 7/10: the general trade show satisfaction rate
  • 65% of professionals think that trade shows are important for their company
  • 81% are satisfied with their participation

Reason 3: An entire community in the one place

  • A coming-together of partners, sales prospects, clients... It's a key highlight in the market's calendar
  • A trade show helps you reinstate human contact at the centre of your marketing initiatives
  • Taking part in a trade show is the best promotional tool in bang-for-buck terms and a vector to accelerate your market intelligence

Reason 4: Improve media coverage

  • A trade show is an exceptional occasion where all the specialist trade journalists and media titles are in attendance
  • Form ties with industry journalists, present your new products and maximise your visibility in the media