Atech participates in Milipol Qatar and highlights the transfer of technology in its portfolio

Atech brings its expertise to Doha in the development of Defense and Security solutions in critical systems and technologies to support decision-making.

From March 15 to  17, Atech - an Embraer Group company - participates in Milipol Qatar, in the city of Doha. The event, is one of the best known in the world in the areas of internal security and civil defense.

Specialized in the development of critical systems for the areas of Defense and Security, recognized and certified as a Strategic Defense Company by the Ministry of Defense of Brazil, Atech will present all its knowledge and expertise in the domain of command and control systems technologies aimed at the military and civilian areas, in addition to combat systems and simulators, cyber security and air traffic management developed to meet the needs and modernization of industry, government and the Armed Forces. Atech aims to expand its operations in the region, by providing technological solutions to the Middle East region, and in the joint development of systems and products, reinforcing an activity that is part of its portfolio in projects with national and international partners, the transfer of technology.

One of our goals is the joint development with the country for products of Qatari interest and that can also reach foreign markets, this with shared intellectual property between Atech and the Armed Forces and local governments. In addition to projects with complete transfer of technology from Atech to future partners”, adds Giacomo Feres Staniscia, Atech Business Director.

The company has a strong presence in the markets of South America, Asia and Africa and has been standing out in the international market in the areas of Defense and Security, allowing countries that acquire their products to use them to the full, leveraging their sovereignty. To meet the needs of partners in such strategic areas, Atech developed the Arkhe - Integrated Systems family of products, which brings complete and integrated solutions to the Defense and Security markets, in the national and international spheres, in five main axis: Arkhe Command & Control (C4ISR systems); Arkhe Mission Combat (embedded systems); Arkhe Intelligence (intelligence systems); Arkhe Cyber (cyber security); and Arkhe Academy (academic background, simulation and training).

Atech will be at booth D062, in the Brazilian pavilion of Milipol, alongside Embraer, the companies of BIDS (Defense and Security Industrial Base) and the Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries (ABIMDE), with which it is associated.

About Atech

Recognized as a Brazilian "System House", Atech has always been guided by innovation with the aim of helping to transform the nation. With unique expertise in systems engineering and situational awareness technologies and decision-making support, Atech works on the development of innovative solutions with applications in the areas of air traffic, asset management, digital security, intelligent connections, logistics, command and control systems, instrumentation and control, embedded and simulators.

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