Sanitary measures set out for Milipol Qatar

Quarantine exemption for Milipol Qatar attendees

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to announce that all Milipol Qatar attendees will be exempted from the current quarantine period (shorten to only 1 day). Discover the travel and health protocol for international attendees.

Specific measures - in addition to health & safety guidelines set out by the local authorities - have been implemented for international attendees to facilitate their entry and stay into Qatar.

Download the travel & health protocol

Download the Milipol Qatar sanitary measures

Visitors and sanitary FAQ

ATTENTION: Due to the huge amount of visa requests, delays to obtain the visa may take several days.


1) Before traveling

  • Register online before the event and print your print colored-at-home badge on A4 sheet (each registration will go through an approval process).
  • Book your accommodation in one of the 4 hotels listed on our website.
  • send
  • All the international attendees must fill up the ticket form (at the end of the document) and send it back to the organizing committee at [email protected] with a valid passport copy including clear expiry date for visa issue. NOTE: This year, it is the only way to get a visa. This visa will be valid for one month.
  • Do a PCR test for Covid-19 within 48 hours before entering the country.
  • Please note that the quarantine exemption will be valid for inbound travel from 7 to 14 March.

2) At Doha Airport

  • Present your print-at-home Milipol Qatar e-badge, your passport and your valid negative PCR test.
  • You will need to download the EHTERAZ mobile application and buy a local SIM card in order to register a local number in the EHTERAZ app (the SIM card can be bought at the airport, it costs around 10 to 15$).
  • Do a PCR test at the airport upon arrival.
  • Take the shuttle buses service provided by the Organizing Committee from the airport to your hotel. All arrivals need only to be quarantined at their accommodation until the 1st PCR test (upon arrival to Doha) result comes back negative. This usually takes a maximum 24 hours.
  • All arrivals will be part of a strict medical bubble system designed to protect their health and well-being, including regular COVID-19 testing, safe transportation methods and regular disinfection of event venue.

3) At the venue & the event

  • A shuttle bus services is mandatory to travel between the airport, the hotel and the DECC
  • Present your print-at-home e-badge to collect your original badge with a sanitised lanyard at the venue entrance.
  • Install the EHTERAZ app to show a valid negative Covid-19 test result.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times.
  • All entry points will be equipped with thermal scanners monitored by organizing staff.
  • Maintain a safe distance of 2 metres and follow social distancing rules when queuing.

4) Moving in Doha

All international attendees must respect the sanitary bubble for a certain period of time:

  • PCR test at the airport on arrival.
  • Special shuttle bus service from the airport to your hotel and quarantine in the hotel room until the result of the PCR test comes back negative.
  • For the first 5 days, stay at the DECC or at the hotel. The shuttle bus service will be available to bring people there and back.
  • After 5 days, a second PCR test will be conducted, and if results are negative, free movement in Doha / Qatar will be allowed.

5) Leaving Qatar

  • Book your PCR test coordinating with the Organising Committee.
  • All departures should be tested for Covid-19 before exiting the country, and the eligible delegates will be provided with a certificate bearing a negative PCR result.
  • Shuttle buses service from the hotel to the airport will be provided by the Organizing Committee.