Interview MH Service, Milipol Qatar 2021 exhibitor

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With more than 25 years’ experience, mh SERVICE GmbH is one of today’s leading providers and suppliers of products and services related to IT forensics and Europe’s only forensics supplier with its own hardware development and manufacturing departments.

1/ Could you please present your company as well as the products/solutions you will be presenting during Milipol Qatar?

Invention. Reliability. Service. Quality forensic solutions. Handmade in Germany. Dubai office.

2/ Why did you choose to exhibit in Milipol Qatar? Will you present innovative/new products/solutions during Milipol Qatar?

Milipol is a strong conference. Qatar is a strong land. Yes, we will always present our innovative solutions and products.

3/ According to you, what are the current trends that provide opportunities for your company?

Same as always. Evidence to collect and analyze. Criminals to catch and prosecute

4/ How much Qatar is important for your growth plan?

Very important. Qatar is in a pivotal geographic and political position.

5/ Where do you intend to grow your business in the future (countries or vertical)?

Globally and upwards. We are starting our production in the GCC region and opening a service centre in Malaysia


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