Interview INFODAS Germany, Milipol Qatar 2021 exhibitor

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Discover our 2021 exhibitor INFODAS Germany, which develops innovative cross domain solutions based on security-by-design principles and provides IT and Cybersecurity consulting to government, defense and commercial clients.

1/ Could you please present your company as well as the products/solutions you will be presenting during Milipol Qatar?

First of all thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about the challenges we solve and present our company. So what are our products about? In past, classified information and systems were physically separated from other military and government networks. This prevents end-to-end digitization and requirements for rapid decision making of Qatari Armed Forces, government agencies and their allies. SDoT Cross Domain Solutions enable combined operations and near real time classified data sharing as well as fusion between systems and people in all domains from general headquarters to frontline: land, sea, air, space and cyber. The technology is equally important for critical infrastructure companies in utilities or oil & gas when it comes to OT / IT convergence. In a nutshell, we enable digitization of mission critical domains.
INFODAS is an independent, family owned business founded in 1974 in Germany. The company develops innovative cross domain solutions based on security-by-design principles and provides Cybersecurity and IT consulting to government, defense and commercial clients. INFODAS SDoT product family cross domain solutions (SDoT Security Gateway, SDoT Software Data Diode, SDoT Labelling Service, are approved up to German, EU, NATO SECRET and are listed in the NATO information assurance catalogue. For the past 10 years SDoT products have been used in the toughest and mission critical environments around the world. They are designed and manufactured in Germany following the security-by-design principle and supply chain transparency.

2/ Why did you choose to exhibit in Milipol Qatar? Will you present innovative/new products/solutions during Milipol Qatar?

We exhibited at Milipol Qatar 2018 for the first time and immediately decided to come back. First, we were approached by various potential customers. Second, the venue and Qatar is a great location for an exhibition in the region. Before and even now during the COVID-19 pandemic, Qatar Airways provides easy connectivity from Germany and there are a multitude of hotels to choose from. Finally, the organizing committee is very professional and tries to do everything to help their exhibitors prior and during the event.

3/ According to you, what are the current trends that provide opportunities for your company?

The military, government agencies and critical infrastructure companies want to take advantage of digitization while at the same time protecting classified information or OT systems. We are only at the beginning of this process in Qatar, the region and around the globe.

4/ How much Qatar is important for your growth plan?

Qatar and the Middle East is an important region for us. I have travelled to most countries in region and love the culture, food and business attitude. Ultimately, it depends on our potential customers in Qatar and the region. They are judge and jury for our business growth and success. And their decision and recommendation to others will only be positive, if our products lead to the desired outcomes and we provide professional services, or work closely with local partners to support local job growth. The latter is very important to us as we want our local and regional partners to provide integration and configuration support.

5/ Where do you intend to grow your business in the future (countries or vertical)?

While our company was founded in 1974 which probably makes us one of the oldest Cybersecurity companies in the world, we only started to actively pursue international business opportunities three years ago. We have been contacted by public sector and commercial customers from all around the world and try to help them whenever possible. Some of those projects require a flexible and reliable partner with products that are around for decades a and this is no different to what we are to the German military or government agencies.


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