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Special Forces Glove

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Detailed description

Fast Rope palm protection
Breatheable back patches




    Georges Morand is French gloves manufacturer located in center of France.
    We produce only gloves, we are specialists.
    In our city (Saint-Junien), we produce gloves since several Centuries.

    Georges Morand Company has been created in 1946 after World War II by Georges Morand.

    Very early our company has specialized in touch thin gloves for Air Force and Special Forces under his brand GM Tech :
    Supplier of 100% of French Air Force Gloves since decades.
    Supplier of French Police and Gendarmerie.
    Supplier of French Army and Special Forces.
    Supplier of NATO

    We produce the thinnest touch screen leather gloves you can find ever.
    Our pilot gloves have been developped with French Air Force, Dassault, Eurocopter, Thalès, etc.
    They are very thin, they work with all kinds of screens, they fit user as second skin

    Law inforcement gloves : our gloves are touch capable, thin, soft, light, discreet, can be used with all kind of clothes, even suits.

    Our heaviest range of products is equipped with D3O(R) knuckles protection technology : this material is soft and light, it becomes hard on shock, absorbs shock energy, and become flexible again after impact.
    It's a big progress compare to old hard knuckles protections, noisy, uncomfortable, that does not amortize impact and can break.

    Our versatile Special Forces gloves are equipped with Armalith(R) palm protection technology : you can use them for fast rope descent and use your weapons and equipment on ground without changing your gloves
    On the back we use fire protection treated mesh. So gloves are not too warm, hands can breathe, but user remains protected against fire

    Tell us your problems, we certainly have product you need, or we can develop it for you.

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