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Detailed description

The Air-to-Ground 70mm Rocket System, of latest generation, consists of high energy rocket motors, different warheads and launchers with armament control systems for almost all types of fixed-wing aircrafts or helicopters.

The Ground-to-Ground Rocket System, towed or mounted on light vehicles, is appropriate for special forces or light artillery, capable of firing a ripple of 36 70mm rockets in 12 seconds at ranges up to 12 km.




    Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial is a privately owned Brazilian company recognized worldwide for the excellence and quality of its products, systems and customer services solutions In the year of its 60th anniversary celebration, AVIBRAS continues to show its strength while keeping its essence of being innovative and independent in critical technologies in the Space, Aeronautics, Electronics, Armored Vehicles and in the Defense areas.   With large, modern facilities located in the Vale do Paraíba, on the State of São Paulo, the main aerospace technology hub in Brazil, Avibras has unique competitive advantages, with excellence in quality and innovation that are essential to keep its position as a key player in the Defense Market worldwide. Avibras is among the top 100 exporting companies in Brazil.   Each project comes to life through the hands of thousands of employees, encompassing engineers, post-graduate professionals and other highly qualified specialists who create specific and efficient solutions to respond to the needs of each client.

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