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    About us:
    INFODAS was founded in 1974 in Germany and is an independent, family owned business. The company has been developing Cybersecurity products and providing Cybersecurity consulting to government, defense and commercial clients for over 40 years. Our product portfolio includes a cross domain solutions (security gateway, data diode, data classification service) or patch management for isolated networks. INFODAS products have a security by design architecture and are approved up to SECRET for Germany, NATO and EU. INFODAS products are used in the most demanding and sensitive operational environments around the world (Navy vessels out at sea, containers in the desert, weapon systems, satellite communication and critical infrastructure (IT/OT)).

    Products and services:

    SDoT Security Gateway / Express SECRET approved bi-directional cross domain solution / DLP meeting NATO standards and for real time scenarios. Filters unstructured and structured data (e.g. XML, ADEXP, NMEA, DIS, ADatP3, ASTERIX, LINK16, HLA, Jchat/XMPP).

    SDoT Diode (9.1 Gbit/s) High-speed unidirectional (gateway). The only non-fiberoptic SECRET approved data diode in the world. 

    SDoT Labelling Service - Data labelling / categorization with tamper proof labels for any application ecosystem to work with data of different classification levels.

    PATCH.works - Highly secure patch management solution of isolated networks SAVe GRC/ISMS software for the BSI IT-Grundschutz standards 100-x and 200-x.

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