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Updated on 02/23/2021


Qatari Command & Control Software

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Detailed description

The Qatari C2 software, developed fully indigenously in Qatar by RBAT, provides an overall situation awareness, displaying detected threats on Common Operation Picture in 2D and 3D.

The software has an open architecture with advanced military features, AI based algorithms, and supports the Arabic language. Such versatility ensures that the software can be applied for various use-cases, including:
- Unmanned Ground Vehicles;
- Persistent Surveillance;
- Anti-Drone;
- Camp Protection.




    Rheinmetall Barzan Advanced Technologies QSTP-LLC (RBAT) is a joint venture, established and operating in Qatar, to provide technology focused solutions to domestic and foreign Security and Defence clients.  The company has a mandate of bringing and developing innovative technology whilst enhancing self-sufficiency, and has focused heavily since its foundation in building sustainable capabilities in Qatar. Particular organizational strengths include research, development, design, CONOPS definition, procurement, project management, logistics, in service support, and training. Core business activities to date have primarily focused upon: Designing and enhancing critical infrastructure protection solutions; Providing an integrated counter drone solution to negate current and future threats; Developing and maturing Unmanned Ground Vehicle technology through domestic Research & Development; Establishment and running of an advanced laser based training capability; Supply of a wide range of modern munitions for Security and defence forces; and Building indigenous capabilities for the production and management of ammunition.  RBAT looks forward to working in strategic partnerships with stakeholders in order to provide security enhancing solutions, support increased operational effectiveness, and generate exciting career prospects for Qatari citizens. As a proud member of the Barzan Holdings QSTP-LLC group of entities, we encourage you to visit our co-exhibitor stand. On display are our: Latest variants of Unmanned Ground Vehicles; Examples of our Qatari based systems integration capabilities; An overview of our Qatari Command & Control software; and Instances of where our live combat training solutions have been deployed.  We look forward to seeing you there. Security through innovation.

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