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Detailed description

Under its elegant luxury-umbrella lines, the ParaPactum is in fact a protection device with unexpected resources.

The ParaPactum, a weapon of protection which has been recognised operational by the ASC.GSPR (Security Group of the French President).




    Parapactum has been founded in 2011 by Jean-Pierre and Charles Yvon at the heart of the Cherbourg Umbrella manufacture

    The savant mix between a standard umbrella and formula 1 processes gave birth to an innovative protective tool : ParaPactum. Over thirthy innovations and extreme tests were required for our team to end up with the perfect product.

    Highly resistant materials paired with the 48 steps of manufacture result in a rock solid structure. 

    Custom-made machines and 176 pieces are necessary to make this protection vault. Tested in wind tunnels by the AeroTechnic Institute of Saint-Cyr-L’École, then by the French Presidential Protection Unit (Groupe de Sécurité de la Présidence de la République – GSPR) – amongst others – the ParaPactum has officially been recognised as a protection device for eminent people.

    ParaPactum disposes of a wide spectrum of usages : 

    - Crowd control 
    - Proctection against knives and sharp tools
    - Shields against blunt objects throwing
    - Insures fast and discreet evacuation of individual 
    - Image protection for eminent people

    To fully master ParaPactum, we offer a one-day training course for bodyguards and ParaPactum users. The training course is available worldwide.

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