Updated on 02/17/2021


NMS 4x4

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Detailed description

The most recent design of Nurol Makina, NMS 4X4, features a V-shaped monocoque body. Its advanced drive-train makes the vehicle fast and highly maneuverable at rural and urban areas.
Its low weight and high protection features provide for operational superiority and high resilience in the face of the most aggressive and asymmetric threats. A next-generation vehicle, NMS 4X4 represents a perfect combination of scalable composite material armor. The vehicle is suitable as an escort in VIP convoys.




    Founded in 1976, Nurol Makina has been involved in the defense sector since 1992, and is currently engaged in the production of 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles at its modern facilities in Ankara/Turkey.
    Nurol Makina has a high production capacity, based on state-of-the-art technological infrastructure that includes 5-axis laser cutters used for the processing of steel armor, 7-axis robotic welding machines, hydraulic eccentric presses, and heat treatment and painting units. Nurol Makina has always distinguished itself from other companies through its unique designs in the land platforms segment, and has a test area that enables it to carry out performance tests such as; trench crossing and obstacle climbing, side and steep slope climbing, crossing rough terrain and deep fording. Nurol Makina produces Ejder YALÇIN 4x4, NMS 4x4, Ilgaz 4x4, Ejder TOMA 4x4 and Ejder Kunter 4x4 mainly for the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish National Police, as well as for organizations abroad.

    Nurol Makina is aware of the fact that its strength lies in its huge family of employees, and its ability to blend their innovative efforts in the defense sector while adhering to its corporate values and more than 40 years of engineering experience. Nurol Makina continues to secure its position as a sectoral leader in Turkey, combining design and technology, and adhering to the principles of national development, social benefit and environmental protection.

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