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Detailed description

NERVA-LG: Light (5 kg) 4-wheels and/or tracked multi-missions robot; beyond high level of native performances (high speed, long radio range, throw able, waterproof¿), robot can be equipped with more than 25 different Modules which extend its capabilities to cover a large set of missions (Reconnaissance, C-IED, CBRN-e, combat¿);




    NEXTER ROBOTICS is a subsidiary of Nexter group fully dedicated to the development of unmanned systems for security, police, military but also civil applications. Nexter Robotics offers robotic platforms from 2kg up to 2t. Going from reconnaissance micro robots to heavy robots for logistics or combat missions up to the aerial drones: Mini multi-mission robots for Day / Night Recognition (including NRBC), C-IED, Combat, Micro-drones for recon and indoor mapping and accompanying vehicles ("Augmented Vehicle"); wired drone, Multi-mission Tactical Robots of 500 kg and over for site reconnaissance / monitoring, logistics / medical evacuation, trapped route opening, combat missions. Nexter Robotics also develops and/or interface specific equipment on request, so that its robots exactly meet customer’s requirements.

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