Updated on 02/17/2021



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Detailed description

NEROD is a jammer efficient against 98% of commercial drones. The jamming covers several frequency bands and is effective against frequency hopping. Defined as a monobloc ambidextrous rifle embedding directive antennas, jamming modules and a battery. Easy to use and intuitive, like a classic rifle, the trigger. NEROD is used in operation by the French Army and Police.




    MC2 Technologies, French SME, developps equipment to protect sensitive areas. MM-Imager is a passive millimeter wave imager for the detection of hidden objetcs carried by people and offer unique performances with real time operation, good resolution and high detection level. SACOP is corridor including two MM-Imager. This system is adapted for stations, events, undergrounds or aiports. MC2 developps many UAV jammers - for drone neutralization - available in mobile (NEROD) and fixed (MAJES) versions which have the ability to disrupt the communication between the UAV and the pilot. UAVs jammers are used by the French army and law enforcement.

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