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Updated on 02/26/2021


Military Garde Rugged MDT

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Detailed description

Ideal Solutions has the expertise to meet the unique, critical demands of military applications.
With a very successful track record of creating solutions to meet the diverse demands of military applications, we offer the absolute best warranty, customer service and support in the industry. Our mission is to cut unnecessary downtime to keep our clients critical operations connected and secure.



    Ideal Solutions

    Ideal Solutions is an innovative smart solutions provider and consultancy with attention to expertise and excellence. Since 1998, Ideal Solutions has served businesses in Qatar and has successfully implemented over 200 high-tech pioneering projects. “DTQ – We always Deliver on Time with Quality” is Ideal Solutions tagline and the cornerstone of everything we do.

    Ideal Solutions provides a full range high-tech smart solutions and support to businesses:   Arti¿cial Intelligence and Service Robots, Smart Geospatial & GIS Solutions, Smart Health Care Solutions, Smart Homeland Security Solutions, Smart Government Solutions, Terminal & Warehouse Management Solutions, Smart Security Solutions, IT and Software development, All-in-One Smart Electronic Payment Solutions just to name some of our solutions.

    Ideal Solutions Service Level Agreements (SLAs) reflect our client-oriented approach and stimulate us to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in fulfillment of their needs with timely delivery and quality.

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