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Updated on 02/26/2021


MORPHEO - The art of living your passion

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Detailed description

Innovative, wondrous and stylish, travel first class aboard this timeless model...

Since it was founded more than 95 years ago, THEAULT relentlessly endeavours to expand the safety standards for its customers and their horses.

Faithful to its core values, THEAULT further extends the existing boundaries in innovation and performance with the MORPHEO, a light vehicle for the transport of horses, unrestrictedly functional, offering the highest comfort and an alluring design.




    Specialized in the design and manufacture of horseboxes, THEAULT is the reference in its field since 1924. Quality, reliability and ergonomics define the products developed by the company, for individuals and professionals.

    In the production factory, located in the heart of Normandy, THEAULT teams exercise their craft with passion and a real know-how to offer you models ranging from two-seater to semi-trailer. Choice of engine, fittings, finishes or options, each vehicle is unique to fully meet the needs and desires of customers.

    As a top-of-the-range brand truly aware of the importance of a top quality process as much as great service to our customers, THEAULT commits to provide everything needed for the entire satisfaction of its customers.

    THEAULT  was  awarded  in  2019  by  the  French  Government  label  “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”. This label rewards the French companies which combine craftsmanship and industrial excellence. It allows THEAULT to proudly bear the colours of France all around the world.

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