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Detailed description

¿ Anti-Ship Missile, Surface Launched
¿ Maximum range: approximately 70 kilometres
¿ Speed: transonic
¿ Inertial Guidance with terminal active radar homing
¿ Sea skimming flight altitude
¿ Solid propellant rocket-motor
¿ All weather operation




    SIATT is a Brazilian company that has expertise in integration of high-tech systems, providing solutions for the defense and aerospace markets. The Company works with: • Intelligent weapons such as missiles and guided bombs. • Integration of intelligent weapons to platforms such aircrafts, tanks, ships, land vehicles, etc.
    UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles • Radars, sensors, and avionics. • C5ISR and mission systems; and • Subsystems and equipment for satellites and satellite Launchers Vehicles.
    SIATT has a highly qualified technical team, composed of more than 70 employees, mainly engineers with wide experience (30 years plus) and expertise in the sector.
    The main products are: • MANSUP - Brazilian anti-ship surface-to-surface missile, for Brazilian Navy. SIATT is in charge of guidance, navigation and control subsystem and telemetry subsystem. • MSS 1.2 AC - Brazilian antitank surface-to-surface missile, for Brazilian Army and Brazilian Navy Mariners.
    The company is looking for technology partnerships and is open to transfer of technology to its customers.

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