Updated on 02/26/2021


Horizontal Split Case

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Detailed description

Performance characteristics as per NFPA 20
Complete unit responsibility.
Complete in-house fabrication capabilities.
Hydrostatic testing facilities.
Operation run test as per NFPA 20 and UL 448.
Horizontal Split case pumps for capacities from 300 to and 3500 US GPM
Drivers: Electric motor drive or diesel engine drive.
Electrical testing capabilities for motors and controllers connected to pump as per NFPA standards.
Capable to supply additional accessories wherever required.



    Qatar Factory Naffco

    QATAR FACTORY for Fire Fighting Equipment & Safety Systems was founded in the State of Qatar in the year 2002 and became the leading company in Fire and Life safety solutions. By recognizing the importance and convenience of having easy access to multiple safety services, we became specialized by offering complete solutions under one roof for all types of high-quality fire safety & fire fighting equipment’s, fire protection systems, fire detection and alarm systems, emergency & exit lighting systems, special fire suppression systems, passive fire protection solutions, smoke control & ventilation system, smoke management systems, BMS (Building Management System), etc.

    Specified products manufactured in our facility have been certified by UL & BSI in consistent with International Standards.

    With the most talented and dedicated employees from around the world, QATAR FACTORY for Fire Fighting Equipment & Safety Systems has over 2,000 team members including 200 passionate engineers, and over 0.5 million square feet of manufacturing & logistics facilities.
    The management and staff are committed to implement and uphold an effective Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, Environment Management System in line with 1SO 9001, ISO 29001, OSHAS 18001 & ISO 14001 Standard requirements. We are also committed to complying with all applicable Legal & other requirements & regulations relating to its Environmental Aspects and Occupational Health Safety Hazards.

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