Updated on 03/03/2021


GET Mobile ID

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Detailed description

The GET Mobile ID (mID) provides high assurance identity on user's device. GET mID fully supports ISO 18013-5 so that citizen's can use their ID everywhere at point of sale, for fast entry into every establishment, at the roadside, across borders. GET mID utilizes formidable data encryption algorithms and communication security to combat fraud, reduce identity theft, and allow interoperability while putting the citizen in control of their ID.




    For more than 30 years, GET Group has established a global reputation as a leading provider of security printing, integrated physical security system, intelligent key locking system, intelligent transportation systems and commercial card printers. Using state-of-the-art security systems, innovative hardware, and software applications, GET Group provides institutions, enterprises and more than 25 governments worldwide, with highly secure and durable travel and identification documents (ePassport & ID).

    Having been awarded the prestigious CMMI Level 5 international quality certification, the ISO 9001 standard for quality management, and the ISO 27001 standard for information security, GET Group provides its clients from the public and private sectors with a suite of customizable, integrated and reliable solutions, such as passport and ID personalization, Vehicle and Road Monitoring, Smart Patrol, Body Warn Cameras, Mobile ID, Touchless Environment Solutions and Premises Security. In addition, GET Group’s line of commercial card printers ‘Heidi’ continous to empower many industries and sectors with unique printing capabilities and various personalization options at a low cost-per-card.  GET Group’s pioneering solutions, technological expertise, and wide integration capabilities help public sector organizations and private enterprises manage and optimize their processes and performance, thus providing them with a competitive advantage, synergies across their processes, and higher returns on operational investment.

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