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Updated on 02/27/2021


BruitBlanc Secure Communication Suite

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Detailed description

BruitBlanc Secure Communication Suite provides secure and customizable solutions to protect top secret communication with end-to-end unbreakable OTP (one time pad) encryption. It can be used to create a High-Performance VPN between sites and Headquarter with dedicated devices to encrypt the network traffic. Combining portable devices, a VPN link can be stablished for remote use to send OTP encrypted messages with the highest level of security.




    Kryptus, a Brazilian-Swiss company, provides Cryptography and Cyberdefense solutions for Defense, Foreign Affairs, Counter-Intelligenceand the Private sector around the world. Through projects that integrate hardware, software and services, Kryptus offers tailor-made solutions to protect top-secret communication, critical applications and classified data with cutting-edge technology in a neutral positioning.
    The BruitBlanc Suite for Secure Communication brings the unbreakable OTP encryption in a portable device for multiple applications combined with VPN-Link Encryption to promote a secure environment for top-secret communication. Kryptus portfolio also includes kNET HSM (Hardware Security Module), a high performance multipurpose cryptographic hardware line, and BladeRunner, a social media counterintelligence platform designed to protect individuals and nations against misinformation and cyberthreats.Kryptus maintains a team of highly certified specialists to support Defense clients to achieve proper levels of readiness for current and future Cyber Warare challenges, delivering complete military cyberdefense programs with fully customizable turnkey solutions. From Offensive and Defensive to Intelligence and Counter-intelligence cyber operations, Kryptus expertise provides a safe environment for its clients’ operations, always keeping them ahead of threats. Kryptus is recognized by the Brazilian Defense Minister as a Strategic Defense Company (EED) based on its essencial contribution for the Brazilian nation cyberdefense.

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