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Updated on 02/25/2021


Big Data Analysis and OSINT solutions

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Detailed description

Our OSINT product provides end-to-end Social Media and Open Source Intelligence that transform data such as Social Media and Deep & Dark Web into valuable information. Our solutions are designed to support Homeland Security departments in the fight against serious crimes and we provide complete solutions that match several industries' needs. The OSINT Software can be combined with a cyber HUMINT solution for covert operations, aimed to create, train and manage AVATARS.



    Agenfor International Foundation

    Agenfor International Foundation (www.agenformedia.com), under the brand name REXTECH SA, develops and supports innovation in the security and defense sectors. Our agency provides tailor-made technological solutions for Prison Administrations, Law Enforcement Agencies, Government and Intelligence Departments. The products selected address key aspects of prevention and investigations and equip first line practitioners with cutting-edge tools. 
    Agenfor International solutions cover:
    - Virtual Reality training programs;
    - OSINT Solutions;
    - Lawful Intelligence Solutions;
    - Digital and Mobile Forensics;
    - Secure Communication.

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