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  • Against NERVE AGENTS intoxication

Updated on 02/17/2021


Against NERVE AGENTS intoxication

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Detailed description

SERB provides two medical countermeasures in case of poisoning with organophosphate anticholinesterase derivatives.

1. CBRN: Neurotoxic agents (Sarin, Tabun, Soman etc.)
2. Industrial: insecticides, pesticides




    SERB Specialty Pharmaceuticals is a leading specialty pharmaceutical group providing a reliable supply of prescription medicines to patients suffering from rare and life-threatening diseases globally.

    Thanks to a successful growth strategy, they have a consistent portfolio of specialty products in critical care and rare diseases – even though the portfolio was effectively built around antidotes – which still remains their core business.

    With 16 medical countermeasures, SERB has a strong expertise in CBRN and they have one of the most wide-ranging emergency care portfolios. Their antidotes portfolio, available globally, covers the three main threats of chemical, biological and nuclear (CBRN) by providing life-saving medicines for cyanide poisoning, neurotoxins, multiple metal poisonings, anthrax, and acute nuclear exposure. Their expertise is well-recognized by key authorities and granted during large-scale events, for safety stockpiling in order to protect population.

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