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Updated on 02/20/2021



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  • H045
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Detailed description

-Resistance to shock and strikes such as stones throw, steel balls, mounting bolts, cobbles, iron rods, distress flares, acids, Molotov cocktails, etc
-Three laminated polycarbonate layers shell
-Ambidextrous aluminium handle
-Shock absorber mattress and aluminium plates
-Quick release safety strap
-Baton and Tonfa fixation
-Shell resistance : 900 joules
-Hand-stitched protection joint, tearing resistant
-Dimensions and equipment are customizables
-Available accessories : Cordura carrying cover




    SAPL is a family-owned business of 4 generations with a century-old gunsmith know-how since 1924!In 1983, thanks to this powerful background, we specialized ourselves in designing and manufacturing law enforcement equipment.Since then, SAPL has been manufacturing a range of non-lethal weapons, non-lethal ammunitions, including the famous brand "GOMM-COGNE®", non-lethal rubber break-out grenade and anti-riot shields, which are unique by their unmatched high-level protection properties. Their quality is worldwide knowledge and never ceases to impress on the field.Since 2016, our branch « SAPL Training » provides a global offer made of products and services in order to lay out proactiv solutions to complexities encountered on the field by our clients.In 2020, SAPL has received the label UAF (Used by french Armed Forces) from the french Ministry of Defense for the supply of our law enforcement shield, 100% Made in France in our workshop of Normandy.

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