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  • 5.56mm Man Marking Round

Updated on 02/25/2021


5.56mm Man Marking Round

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Detailed description




    UTM Limited

    UTM produce the most advanced, non-lethal training ammunition in existence.  Safely converting firearms and using specialist training ammunition, UTM products allow military and law enforcement professionals to 'train as they fight’ for the most realistic, force-on-force training possible UTM ammunition is the most reliable, the most accurate and the safest force on force training ammunition available UTM munitions are recognised by the US Military as having a 99.8% reliability rating The Man Marking Round (MMR) enables military and law enforcement to conduct the most realistic training possible Trusted by militaries worldwide, UTM’s Man Marking Rounds are extremely accurate and ultra-reliable UTM offers the widest range of calibre for training ammunition on the market: 9mm, 5.56mm (loose and linked), 7.62 x 39mm, 7.62 x 51mm (loose and linked), 4.6mm and 5.7mm UTM training ammunition is available for over 170 firearms and when combined with UTM’s Portable Training Facility and Training Program, offers the very highest level of force on force and CQB training in existence   All UTM training ammunition and weapon conversions are produced in the UK.

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