Updated on 02/16/2021


Present on exhibition Milipol Qatar 2022
From 24 to May 26, 2022


8 rue de l'Égalite
78490 MÉRÉ

Stands :
  • G052

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Nice to meet you, We are specialized in tactical, ballistic and some CBRN equipment (NNRBCe). We still work with elite units as well as with military, police and civilians. We operate collaboratively on overseas operations, with law enforcement units, civilian groups, security and fire services, sports, outdoor recreation.


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  • NUVIA - Emergency service equipment


    Subsidiary of the world-leading VINCI group, NUVIA is an international company that has been operating on highly regulated and sensitive industrial sites for over 60 years. NUVIA draws its expertise from one of the most demanding industries: nuclear power. With internationally renowned nuclear expertise, we notably serve clients in the Defence and Homeland Security business sectors.   We provide strategic support to defence forces and state organisations. Our expertise in nuclear engineering and technologies, specialist maintenance, radioactive waste management and decommissioning is particularly valued by Militaries deploying nuclear-powered submarines. We have developed extensive expertise in dealing with the potential impact of radiological and nuclear incidents based on decades of experience working with radiation and other contamination hazards.  We also provide detection and nuclear measurement instrumentation required for border control and emergency responses to secure large events.   NUVIA has developed under a unique brand name - NUVIATech Instruments - a differentiating and innovative product range and service offering to tackle challenging applications in Defence and Homeland Security in particular.  NUVIA notably offers a specific range of radiation detection and measurement solutions for CBRN responders and civil defense teams. NUVIA is exhibiting at the MILIPOL QATAR 2021, presenting unprecedented technologies designed to make the world safer, through prevention and radiological surveys, doubt removal and radioprotection, search and identification of radioactive sources, contamination search and screening in emergency situations. NUVIA is proudly exhibiting products such as PORTAL D/P emergency portal monitors, DRONE G equipped with various detection modules, stand-off radiation detection system SIRIS, portable gamma spectroscopy system PGIS, NuVISION gamma imaging camera and other innovative solutions.