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Present on exhibition Milipol Qatar 2022
From 24 to May 26, 2022



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  • G050

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FB Mecasystem is a French designer and a European manufacturer of pedestrian obstacles (tripods, turnstiles, rapid gates) and vehicles (road blockers, retractable bollards, fixed bollards as well as automatic barriers). Our products are PAS68 and ASTM, IWA14, M30, M40, M50 - K4, K8, K12 certified. We have 3 European locations, a branch in Africa and worldwide distribution through our dealers. We support our customers and integrator / installer partners all over the world thanks to our demonstration and training units in France, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates.  We regularly intervene in the preliminary study of sensitive and confidential projects such as infrastructure of vital importance, military base, government institution, airport area, nuclear power plant, oil and gas sector, public and private spaces. We support all security actors in entry controls, intrusion security and the fight against terrorism for public and private areas.


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  • BLAXTAIR - Perimeter protection


    Founded in 2009, Arcure is a high-tech company specialized in artificial intelligence for image processing in the industrial world, which develops and markets solutions to enhance the autonomy and safety of machines and industrial robots.
    The internationally renowned company is headquartered in Paris, with a subsidiary in the United States and sales offices in Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Hong Kong.
    Arcure, listed on Euronext Growth (ISIN: FR0013398997 - Code: ALCUR) posted sales in 2020 of 7.8 M€ (69% through export). In collaboration with the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) research teams, Arcure has notably developed Blaxtair®, a cutting-edge intelligent pedestrian proximity detection solution, enhancing safety around industrial vehicles in many contexts, and particularly in the most extreme environments. Blaxtair is an embedded pedestrian detection system for industrial vehicles, designed to prevent collisions between vehicles and pedestrians in co-activity zones. Using Artificial Intelligence, it is the only smart 3D camera that is able to distinguish a person from another obstacle in real time and alert the operator to the danger, without unnecessary alarms. Blaxtair enhances people safety, working conditions & productivity.

    Blaxtair is made up of 3 main parts : The stereoscopic camera looks after the area within its field of view, especially in the vehicle’s blind spots. The processing unit analyses the captured images, recognises and localises people in real time, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. The 7’’ color LCD display or LED/Buzzer alerts the driver through visual and audible alarms if a person is detected in the defined danger zone. The new cloud-based solution ‘Blaxtair Connect’ revolutionizes the safety of people around machines, helping companies to achieve the "zero accident" objective they seek, by allowing them to proactively manage out the risks of collisions and thus drastically reduce them.