Updated on 02/18/2021


Present on exhibition Milipol Qatar 2022
From 24 to May 26, 2022


ZAC Trajectoire
8 Avenue Ernest Boffa

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Company details


Since 1990, EXAVISION,  French designer and producer, offers complex state-of-the-art optronic solutions dedicated to specific use in extreme situations. We manufacture embedded original optronic systems for Border Guards (green and blue borders, coastal surveillance), Civil Defense (public safety, critical infrastructure protection, fire detection…), Energy and Industry sectors  (process monitoring, special devices for nuclear plants…), Oil & Gas (fields protection, intruders detection, pipeline surveillance…) but also for the Navy (patrol boats, remote weapon systems, VTS …), for Army (global ground-based automatic surveillance, light and armored vehicles…). Our solutions are open to integration by a third party and can be used as turn-key and ready-to-use smart stand alone multi-sensor products (for instance our C-UAV system integrating radars, optronic cameras, a fusion management software and non-lethal effectors). To take up these challenges, EXAVISION skilled teams of engineers and technicians has developed a unique technological know-how in optronics, electronics and mechatronics, but also in digital image processing software to make our products fully operational and user-friendly.


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