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Updated on 02/25/2021


Present on exhibition Milipol Qatar 2022
From 24 to May 26, 2022


Immeuble Arc Ouest
27-29 rue Leblanc
75737 PARIS CEDEX 15

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Company details


DCI Group is the operator of the French Ministry for the Armed Forces for the transfer of the French armed forces know-how to international partners. DCI Group is a unique actor in Europe that combines the missions of a public operator with the methods and resources of a medium-sized private group. We offer taylor made solutions to our institutional and industrial customers for all their needs in capability development to meet regional and international security challenges. DCI Group operates across Defence and National Security domains, offering tailored services of military education, operational training & simulation, provision and support of operational assets, Defence & Security expertise (audit, consulting & assistance). DCI Group covers the whole spectrum of the French Armed Forces know-how - Army, Air Force & Space, Navy, Internal Security (Gendarmerie) and Defence Procurement (DGA) - while also taking into account tri-service fields such as command & control (C2), intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), cyber defence, UAVs, special forces….
Internal Security trainings that can be arranged in France or in partner countries include: UAV operations, Counter-UAV operations (C-UAV), site protection, maritime security, counter-terrorism, VIP protection, sniping and counter sniping, military police, crowd control and restoring order, crisis management, forensic, guard of honor, Special Forces. DCI Group also provides operational assets (ex: UAV and naval surveillance services), designs and/or operates your training centers, advises and assists your forces and procurement agencies (doctrines, CONOPS, program management and contract monitoring…).       DCI Group’s teams are mainly composed of high-level experts from the French Armed Forces. DCI Group operates from France, in its centers co-located with the French armed forces, or directly in the customer countries in Middle-East, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.


More exhibitors

  • KRYPTUS - Information technology


    Kryptus, a Brazilian-Swiss company, provides Cryptography and Cyberdefense solutions for Defense, Foreign Affairs, Counter-Intelligenceand the Private sector around the world. Through projects that integrate hardware, software and services, Kryptus offers tailor-made solutions to protect top-secret communication, critical applications and classified data with cutting-edge technology in a neutral positioning.
    The BruitBlanc Suite for Secure Communication brings the unbreakable OTP encryption in a portable device for multiple applications combined with VPN-Link Encryption to promote a secure environment for top-secret communication. Kryptus portfolio also includes kNET HSM (Hardware Security Module), a high performance multipurpose cryptographic hardware line, and BladeRunner, a social media counterintelligence platform designed to protect individuals and nations against misinformation and cyberthreats.Kryptus maintains a team of highly certified specialists to support Defense clients to achieve proper levels of readiness for current and future Cyber Warare challenges, delivering complete military cyberdefense programs with fully customizable turnkey solutions. From Offensive and Defensive to Intelligence and Counter-intelligence cyber operations, Kryptus expertise provides a safe environment for its clients’ operations, always keeping them ahead of threats. Kryptus is recognized by the Brazilian Defense Minister as a Strategic Defense Company (EED) based on its essencial contribution for the Brazilian nation cyberdefense.