Updated on 02/16/2021


Present on exhibition Milipol Qatar 2022
From 24 to May 26, 2022


47 rue de la Vanne

Stands :
  • G044

Company details


Founded in 2015, CERBAIR is a French security and defense company, which was created to respond to drone incidents. Our mission is to offer a cost-effective solution and give the possibility to any entity to protect its airspace. Our solutions deliver 80% of the performance of defense giants for 5% of their prices. This approach allows civilians to protect themselves like any sensitive strategic infrastructure. Our stationary, mobile and portable anti-drone solutions use radio frequency sensors and effectors to protect sensitive sites against malicious drones. Our solutions always adapt to our customers’ environment as well as their budgets thanks to our modular approach. CERBAIR thus protects nearby airspace in 3 stages: 1/ Detect: even before the drone takes off 2/ Identify: type of drone 3/ Neutralize*: real-time alerts make it possible to quickly stop the pilot or intelligently jam his drone to force it to land. HYDRA, MEDUSA AND CHIMERA CERBAIR SOLUTIONS PERFECTLY TACKLE SECURITY CHALLENGES


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