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Updated on 02/25/2021


Present on exhibition Milipol Qatar 2022
From 24 to May 26, 2022

Agenfor International Foundation

Viale col di Lana 6
20136 MILANO

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Company details


Agenfor International Foundation (www.agenformedia.com), under the brand name REXTECH SA, develops and supports innovation in the security and defense sectors. Our agency provides tailor-made technological solutions for Prison Administrations, Law Enforcement Agencies, Government and Intelligence Departments. The products selected address key aspects of prevention and investigations and equip first line practitioners with cutting-edge tools. 
Agenfor International solutions cover:
- Virtual Reality training programs;
- OSINT Solutions;
- Lawful Intelligence Solutions;
- Digital and Mobile Forensics;
- Secure Communication.


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  • Qgenius Cyber Security Shield - Information technology

    Qgenius Cyber Security Shield

    WE – at Qgenius Cyber Security Shield – raise IT-Security to an innovative level: we make your Networks, IT-Infrastructures, Devices, Cloud Connections,Communication and your Internetconnections safer places for professional working.

    Technological progress without today's IT-networks and communication is inconceivable, at the same time every type of cybercrime and cyber attack can lead to fatal damage to production, disruptions in communication and damage to the reputation of companies, organizations or ministries. Today we face the challenge of always being one step ahead of multiple kinds of cyberattacks. That is why we use professional products and solutions "made in Germany" to secure our companies and network structures and to protect and equip them against present and future attacks.

    Why "made in Germany"?
    Germany is well known for the highest standards in the field of IT security while maintaining the highest individual data protection guidelines. Technology made in Germany has a high reputation. Individual appreciation, reliability of the products and solutions, as well as references from the highest IT security areas have led us at QGCS to work with the German manufacturer of IT security solutions: Genua GmbH. Great support and fairness enforces mutual understanding and that benefits our
    customers and partners in Qatar.

    Qatar wants and must secure and protect its production lines, services and achievements on every level against differently motivated attacks from outside and set them on the highest security levels. Therefore we were able to win Genua GmbH member of the Bundesdruckerei of the Federal Republic of Germany – as a partner for the products and IT security solutions we offer at QGCS, in order to make proven solutions available to companies, organizations and ministries in Qatar and to implement them in our country-specific IT systems and networks. With trained specialists and direct support from the German manufacturer, we are ideally positioned for this tasks.

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