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Present on exhibition Milipol Qatar 2022
From 24 to May 26, 2022


103 avenue René Descartes

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Company details


AERACCESS is the French specialist in design and manufacture of UAVs for Defense and Security.
AERACCESS drones are able to fly :
- in all-weather conditions (heavy rain, night, fog),
- in strong winds up to 80km/h,
- inside unprepared buildings for intelligence and inspection.
AERACCESS drones are used by Armed Forces, Security Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies all over the world.
Thanks to its versatile platforms, AERACCESS proposes multi-mission solutions.
The Q800X is a multi-mission drone interfacing multiple payloads :
- EOIR x30 zoom ; PHOTONIS NOCTURN camera for night operations ; IPMESH; Laser Range Finder ; Laser Designator ; IMSI catcher ; CBRN sensor, etc.… The Q800X has a max flying time of 50mn, with a range from 3 to 15km. The Q800X flies in strong winds up to 80km/h and under heavy rain conditions (10mm/hr).
The HawkEye is the dismounted operator drone. With a total weight from 1 to 2.5kg, it offers a range of 3km with a visible and a thermal sensor. Man-transportable and easily operated, the HawkEye offers all automated-flight functions and emergency procedures. Designed and manufactured in France, the HawkEye is made solely with French or European components.
The NanoHawk is a nano-UAV capable of flying indoor to perform intelligence and inspection taking into account the difficulty of flying indoor. The NanoHawk is fitted with both a visible camera with night mode and a thermal camera as well as indoor semi-autonomous flying modes. The NanoHawk can fly outdoor for a few hundred meters and then perform its indoor mission mission up to 3 levels above (or below) the operator and team.
AERACCESS autonomous systems with the Q800X drone, designed to operate under stringent Defence conditions, offer the most extended range of service. Autonomous drone-in-a-box systems for perimeter security and site protection are differentiated by the drone they operate.
“What’s important is the drone”.
AERACCESS autonomous system is the only system on the market capable of operating in harsh weather for multi-missions:fully-automated perimeter inspection AND radio-activity mapping, tethered crowd surveillance AND target tracking once released, mobility of the box AND operations coupled with ground robot, etc.


More exhibitors

  • BLAXTAIR - Perimeter protection


    Founded in 2009, Arcure is a high-tech company specialized in artificial intelligence for image processing in the industrial world, which develops and markets solutions to enhance the autonomy and safety of machines and industrial robots.
    The internationally renowned company is headquartered in Paris, with a subsidiary in the United States and sales offices in Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Hong Kong.
    Arcure, listed on Euronext Growth (ISIN: FR0013398997 - Code: ALCUR) posted sales in 2020 of 7.8 M€ (69% through export). In collaboration with the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) research teams, Arcure has notably developed Blaxtair®, a cutting-edge intelligent pedestrian proximity detection solution, enhancing safety around industrial vehicles in many contexts, and particularly in the most extreme environments. Blaxtair is an embedded pedestrian detection system for industrial vehicles, designed to prevent collisions between vehicles and pedestrians in co-activity zones. Using Artificial Intelligence, it is the only smart 3D camera that is able to distinguish a person from another obstacle in real time and alert the operator to the danger, without unnecessary alarms. Blaxtair enhances people safety, working conditions & productivity.

    Blaxtair is made up of 3 main parts : The stereoscopic camera looks after the area within its field of view, especially in the vehicle’s blind spots. The processing unit analyses the captured images, recognises and localises people in real time, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. The 7’’ color LCD display or LED/Buzzer alerts the driver through visual and audible alarms if a person is detected in the defined danger zone. The new cloud-based solution ‘Blaxtair Connect’ revolutionizes the safety of people around machines, helping companies to achieve the "zero accident" objective they seek, by allowing them to proactively manage out the risks of collisions and thus drastically reduce them.