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YUNNAN OLIGHTEK - Optical aiming devices

Stands :

N 054

No 31 of Jiaochang Dong Rd
650223 Kunming


OLiGHTEK’s SVGA product series are low power consumption AMOLED microdisplays which have SVGA (800×600) resolution. Including three sizes 0.5’’ ,0.6’’ and 0.97’’, the product series comprise full color, mono white and mono green display. Full digital video signal process which is fabricated in 0.18μm CMOS technology. Input video signal is compatible with ITU-R BT.601/656 standard and supports 8/16/24 bit video format and ture 3D applications. The display mode, direction, position, luminance, contrast, R/G/B offset and gamma correction can be controlled by a 2-wire serial interface. I/O level is compatible with 1.8~3.3V CMOS standard. SVGA products can be used in various near-to-eye systems.

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