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SEEQUESTOR - Biometric identification

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The Elms Courtyard

HR8 1RZ Ledbury


SeeQuestor’s Video Analytics Products, designed primarily for law enforcement and security teams, let you search through video more than 100 times faster than conventional methods. SeeQuestor can save hundreds of man hours a week. The platform provides a full suite of capabilities at the video analyst’s fingertips - including world-leading video analytics, format conversion, maps and viewing modules - that will significantly boost a team's productivity, regardless of the quality of the video footage (which is often very poor).
SeeQuestor delivers a significant productivity boost to teams responsible for viewing and analysing video data, with highly sophisticated search tools including face and body recognition as well as search by salient attributes. We deliver post-event analytics, where judgments can be reviewed in slow time to eliminate the risk of false positives.
- Deploy SeeQuestor's search capabilities on any video footage, regardless of quality or source, from vehicle dash cams, PTZs, conventional analogue CCTV and fish eye lenses, to drones, bodycams, cell phones and so on. 
- Convert any of the thousands of video formats found internationally into standard H.264. 
- Use world-leading artificial intelligence for video search to find persons of interest quickly, across up to thousands of hours of video from multiple camera sources.
- Enable multiple users to work on all your investigation material - all in one place.
- Every user has access to a super-computer that processes and analyses video at super-fast speeds. The platform with its entire functionality is available for every user, whether a cloud-based subscriber or an owner of one of our Model 20 systems.
- Easily store or archive your material for future referencing.
- Boost your productivity and free up time for other work.
- Benefit from world-leading research into analytics, regularly updated as new features are defined.

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