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Chess Dynamics Ltd is a specialist electro optical, electro mechanical engineering company specialising in long range optical, radar and optical surveillance systems for naval, military and law enforcement forces.  We specialise in video tracking and fire control and our naval systems, the SEA EAGLE range, are in service with many navies and Coastguards around the world, including a number of Guld navies.  Our land systems, the HAWKEYE range, cover simple surveillance to complex vehicle surveillance and combat systems.  We pioneered the  world beating counter UAS system called AUDS, which has been in operational service continuously for the past two years.  This offers both point defence for critical national infrastructure, and mobile short range air defence against Class 1 and 2 UAS.  The system has been integrated onto 4x4 and 8x8 vehicles and their associated remote weapon stations.  It is offered in a standard ISO container, which offers a full operations room and separated system space; rapidly redeployable and ideal for protecting sensitive sites at short notice.  Chess Dynamics are also proude to protect oil platforms in some of the most contested waters in world.
The Company is customer focussed and we encourage early engagement in the the system configuration.  We offer excellent post-sales services and have field engineers who will travell to service and or replace line items should the need arise.

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