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BASIS TECHNOLOGY - Data processing and analysis software

Stands :

M 059


1 Furzeground Way
Stockley Park

UB11 1BD Middlesex


Basis provides software that allows organisations to extract intelligence written in many different languages and sources, inmternal and external. Allows analysts to find relationships between entities, topics and concepts automatically from unstructured text. Ability to perform data triage across large amounts of data allowing uses to quickly determine if there is a threat.
Basis has just released a cross lingual semantic discovery tool, that allows a user to enter a search in English and the tool will find content that is similar to your search but in English and other languages like Arabic or Russian. You could also enter Arabic and it will do the same but also find English content. This data can then be transalated into Arabic or English.
Our cross lingual name matching tools that works across 18 languages including most Middle East, European and Asian langauges and fuzzy match teh names against multiple watchlist, this is crucial tool for border and intelligence agencies, also used by special forces.
The beauty about Basis software it can be easily integrated to existing tools / applications to enrich them to provide between capabilities and return oin value.



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