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ATG ACCESS - Perimeter protection

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CoBaCo House
North Florida Road
Haydock Industrial Estate

WA11 9TP Haydock


ATG Access is a world leading manufacturer of security bollards and vehicle barrier systems currently exporting to over 42 countries worldwide.
ATG prides itself on engineering excellence and driving security product innovation. As a result, ATG's portfolio of impact tested and certified products are the widest in the industry.Physical security solutions have been developed & certified for an extensive range of foundation designs, for permanent or temporary security applications and for differing site scenarios & aesthetic requirements. Solutions can also be integrated into street furniture designs or fitted with sleeves to ensure that security measures are not imposing.
Having worked in Qatar for over 8 years now, ATG Access has a long established relationship with Arabian Construction Engineering Company who alongside ATG have delivered a number of high profile, perimeter security and access control projects. Projects have included Hamad International Airport, the ‘Heart of Doha’ regeneration project, College of North Atlantic, Doha Central Library, Qatar Financial Centre and Musheireb Properties to name just a few.
In response to the recent ‘Vehicle as a Weapon’ (VAAW) threat that we have seen globally over the last couple of years; the need for temporary protection measures which are impact test certified has become ever more prevalent. Crowded places have become targets for terror plots as well as internationally recognised and watched events such as sport and celebrations.
ATG Access is launching a new and extremely innovative temporary security barrier at this year’s MILIPOL show in Qatar which directly addresses this emerging threat.


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