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ARES SHIPYARD INC. - Training centres

Stands :

D 042

Homeland Security

Antalya Free Zone
07070 Antalya


ARES Shipyard was founded in 2006 by Kalafato¿lu family, shipbuilders and sailors from the ancestors from Trabzon, Turkey commencing with successful deliveries of pleasure craft. Nevertheless, a critical milestone has taken place in ARES history after gaining experience in aluminum, steel and composite production. The company has gone through specialization in military and para-military craft with a strategic decision change. Within this context, the shipyard has aimed to become an international defense industry company by investing in human resources, integrated logistics support, quality management and advanced production technologies. The investments resulted in a substantial amount of sales of vessels to various naval forces, coast guard commands, maritime police, and customs directorates, most of which were export programs. Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Nigeria, Georgia, Tanzania, Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkmenistan are among the export countries up till today. ARES has four air-conditioned production facilities in Antalya Free Zone with an enclosed area of 30,000 sqm, harbor launch, metal, composite and carpenter workshops, paint ovens, training classrooms and visiting client offices with quality management system certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001, production license and NATO level security clearance granted by the Turkish MoD. Current fast patrol craft program for Qatar MoI has recently been accomplished including delivery of 17-off Hercules Series patrol vessels of 3 types, 24 m, 34 m and 48 m in length, almost 2 years ahead of its contractual schedule. ARES is now pleased to announce a prospective contract to be signed with Qatar MoI, Coast Guard, covering 3-off 48 m Offshore Patrol Vessels and 10-off 21 m ARES 65 HARPOON Fast Interceptor Craft.

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